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Beyond our events we would like to continue highlighting members of our community, educating our city about sustainable practices, and celebrating our citizens, all while having fun. Our blog serves as an opportunity for us to all share our skills, share our spaces, and share our visions for a more sustainable future. Explore our blog to access tutorials, interviews, articles, virtual studio visits, performances, and so much more!


sustainable swimwear for all


by samantha peltrau



Lilian Gomes and Marcelle Amorim, founders of Bella Morena Swimwear, have crafted a powerful brand that not only aims to empower and inspire women, but to also save the planet. This sustainable swimwear brand utilizes award winning new technology to create biodegradable fabrics for their size inclusive and wide range of swimwear. In this interview, Lilian talks about her brand’s philosophy, sustainability, and most recent Women in Power Collection

Read our interview with Bella Morena Swimwear to learn more about their amazing work!.


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Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 3.07.21 PM.png


by Samantha Peltrau



As an independent designer or small fashion brand, networking is not only a powerful tool to promote your work but also a key to success in today’s digital world. However, as an independent entity, the mainstream content sharing and collaborative platforms often make the most room for larger brands with established audiences. This is why finding alternate methods to stay connected to the industry, connect with designers, and share your work with the world is so important. Check this article out to read more about some incredible resources for doing just that and more. 


Read our guide here.


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blog posts


an interview with kim yantis

by samantha peltrau



Kim Yantis, one of many amazing designers on the vanguard of world-altering sustainable fashion, has combined her art with her passion for the environment. From constructing her own pieces to writing grants for community curators, Kim has dedicated herself to creating a brighter and cleaner future for us all.


Replicating the cycle of creation and demise, Kim’s work focuses on de-construction and reconstruction to form powerful pieces that make bold statements no matter the wearer.


Read through her interview with Kim to dig deeper into her guiding fashion philosophy and more about her work.

Read all about  Kim Yantis HERE

#sustainablefashion #recycling #grant #suits

la roja by misha, a sustainability story

an interview with michelle townson

by pangea kali virga



Michelle Townson is the founder of La Roja By Misha, an accessories brand dedicated to fair labor practices, recycled materials, and natural dyes.

Each bag is an opportunity for employment, a new life for old household plastics, and the preservation of the practice of natural dying. Recycled plastic from source material like laundry detergent bottles is saved from eventual landfill or ocean pollution and transformed into colorful artisanal handbags with hand-carved handles, hand-beaded details, and hand-dyed tassels.

Keep reading to learn more about Michelle's efforts towards creating a new standard in sustainable fashion in a multi-pronged approach.

Read all about  La Roja by Misha HERE

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mindful mending

an interview with lily fulop

by pangea kali virga



An interview with author, mending expert, artist, and sustainability advocate Lily Fulop on the beauty of mending and the benefits of sustainable fashion.

Learn more about Lily's new book "Wear ,Repair, Repurpose: A Maker's Guide To Mending and Upcycling Clothes" and about the fun of mending, sustainable fashion, and upcycled clothing. Keep reading to hear about Lily's thoughts on sustainable fashion, her new book, her tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle, her favorite sustainable artists, and more!

 Read all about  Lily's sustainability tips and tricks HERE

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being cool in krelwear

an interview with Karelle LEvy

by pangea kali virga



Karelle Levy, the designer behind KRELwear, has found a way to seamlessly blend and balance textile art and fashion for every body and age. Her work, ranging from large-scale site-specific installations to mini dresses, is a perfect encapsulation of the city it was founded in, the sexiness, the vibrant colors, and the playful simplicity unique to Miami.

Our Executive Producer, Pangea, got a chance to speak to Karelle about the evolution of her brand, her dedication to sustainability, the importance of textile art in design and the community, and inclusion for all her in her brand.

 Read all about  KRELwear HERE

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understanding the protests

by nico hough



For the last week there have been protests and curfews in Miami. Confused by all that is going on right now? In this article we cover why the protests started, what you can do to help the cause, and the government and media's response. Since protests began last week in Minnesota, sparked by the police killing George Floyd, a 46 year-old unarmed black man hundreds of protests against this injustice and the system that allows it happened in over 140 American cities, including Miami and Coral Gables. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

 Read all about the movement here

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rainbow rags tutorial

by emily peters



In this tutorial Emily Peters, local Miami jewelry maker, sustainability advocate, designer, and musician shows us how to make Rainbow Rags out of upcycled materials. Many household products are enshrined in plastic, are single-use, or in general end up in landfills shortly after their initial use. This waste accumulates over ones lifetime to epic proportions. Rainbow rags can be used to replace single use items such as cosmetic rounds,  napkins, table-runners, place mats, re-useable bath tissue(TP), rags, or tissues. In this tutorial you will learn how to do basic stitching as well as how to cut and repurpose old fabrics and clothes around your home. Every little thing you can do makes a difference! See how many products you can replace in your home with reusable DIY ones!


 Make your DIY Rainbow Rags here

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museum of sustainability

interview with Valeria Savino

by Pangea Kali Virga



Pivot MKT is a beacon for what the future of sustainability might look like. Co-founded by sustainability pioneer Valeria Savino, this brick and mortar fashion and lifestyle boutique serves as a communal hub and collaborative institution, featuring an array of sustainable brands, transforming a retail space into something extraordinary. Pivot Mkt offers shoppers so much more than just quality products and includes educational opportunities as well as a fiber recycling center as part of a holistic approach to sustainable consumption. We got a chance to interview Valeria concerning her latest collaborative project, The Museum of Sustainability which you can continue reading about in this interview.


 find out more about how to participate and attend the Museum of Sustainability here

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eco-savvy travel guide

by luana ouverney



This guide contains great stories of Ouverney’s travels as well as valuable tips of how she maintained her eco-friendly lifestyle while moving each week to a different location with only one suitcase and one fold-able bicycle. Luana will be publishing this book shortly and this blog is a great sneak peek and a link to help fund this new important project!


 Keep reading to learn more about Luana's new book

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miami mask makers

by pangea kali virga


Miami designers are using their skills to make face masks for donation and purchase as well as teach others virtually how to make their own. Dedicated to the community, health, and sustainability each designer we featured in this list incorporates sustainable practices into their masks through various ways. It is such an honor to be able to serve our communities in this way and we hope you enjoy this list of fabulous designers and charitable initiatives! 

​Miami On Sight will be partnering with some of the designers below for face mask giveaways every Friday starting May 1st. Learn more by following us on instagram @miamionsight


 Keep reading to learn more about mask recommended guidelines and the masks being made by local designers for purchase and donation. 

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photography tutorial

by Karli Evans @allseeingmedia


Photographers have the ability to capture moments, both candid and posed, and turn these past memories into eternally beautiful momentous cinematic occasions. We love the work of Karli Evans, AKA @allseeingmedia, and her immense portfolio cataloguing the city of Miami, it's arts and queer community, its events, and of course, its fashion. We are proud to be partnering with Karli for this photography tutorial, where she talks composition, props, depth, and more. Take this moment to get creative and do a photo shoot at home! Share your pics with us inspired by Karli's tips and we will feature them on our @miamionsight Instagram!
Start dyeing your fabric by following this video here.

#photography #tutorial


natural dyeing tutorial

by emily peters and laurel Jereda


Natural dyeing is a large component of sustainable fashion replacing harmful synthetic chemicals that poison waterways with organic natural ingredients such as local plants. Learn how to dye materials at home in your kitchen with pantry items such as tumeric or tea with Emily Peters and Laurel Jereda, two local sustainability advocates and artists.
Start dyeing your fabric by following this video here.

#naturaldyeing #tutorial



by Nico Hough


Nico Hough, writer, aesthete, and Miami On Sight co-producer shares his thoughts on writing poetry during quarantine and lends advice to those looking to write verse. Nico has been writing a poem a day during this time of social distancing, invites you to do the same, and tells you why it matters
Start your quarantine poems here.

#poetry #covidart


Jamaican-inspired vegan curry recipe

by Vianny Guillen and Green Goods Express



Join our friend Vianny Guillen, local Miami visual artist and enthusiastic cook as she makes delicious homemade vegan Jamaican-inspired Curry using fresh, organic local Florida produce from our friends Green Goods Express.

Cook with Vianny here.


#miamicpoking #recipe

A PlayList By Sol RUiz


Sol Ruiz is a producer, songwriter, musician, and stylist with the band Sol and The Tribu, a group known for blending electronic music with Afro-Cuban, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Funk, Blues, and Hip-Hop rhythms to achieve a uniquely Miami sound. Sol and The Tribu performed at the first Miami On Sight fashion runway.

Check out her playlist here.


#miamimusic #playlist

pkv blog post.jpg

making the best of your

covid 19 quarantine and how to help out

by Nico Hough and Pangea Kali Virga



COVID-19 has touched all of our lives and we have all had to partake in radical change. Quarantine can be intimidating, but is necessary to ensure the well-being of the community. In that spirit, we’ve come up with a list of fun and safe things to help you pass the time and connect with yourself, your community, and your loved ones. We’ve also included a list of ways you can contribute to those in need through volunteering, charity, and more.

Let the distance keep us together.

Read our quarantine guide here.


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