Designers are the backbone of our events and the force behind Miami On Sight. The extended MOS designer family is comprised of established and emerging designers, students, creatives young and old, all with the common drive to make our world a better and more beautiful place through the art of design.



by Annette and Daniela

FELDER FELDER was born in 2006, by twin sisters and Central St Martin’s graduates Daniela and Annette Felder and received awards, nominations and an international celebrity and press following for its signature style. The sisters had the strong desire to bring their conscious lifestyle into their brand and for the past years have been focusing on merging their style with sustainability. Each design stands for a story- from recycled, repurposed to handcrafted by artisans. Embracing the power of individuality, they believe that true luxury lies in the unique




by Pangea Kali Virga

Pangea Kali Virga is an enthusiastic creator who's work spans many sides of the fashion and art industry. She is a fashion designer, stylist, curator, and producer with high standards and a conceptual spirit. Her aim is to build collaborative networks and moving experiences through her work and all of her projects. Pangea is the Executive Producer and Creative Director for the Miami On Sight fashion show.

Pangea has found great comfort and liberation through clothing and fashion, and the work she creates is made in hopes of extending those experiences to the viewer and wearer. Recently, Pangea's projects have been less concerned with the fashion element of clothing and more preoccupied with finding the boundaries and potentialities of this art form, with a new focus on site-specific or temporal designs, all made from sustainable materials. 




by Virginie Fallon

Sea Jasper, based in Miami is centered on creating eco-friendly clothing while following a mission to help people to be aware of our planet, and its difficulties through a more conscious use of material. Remaining conscious of our environmental impact is our number one priority while creating.

Using up-cycled materials in conjunction with natural dyes is currently the main technique employed by Sea Jasper to create clothes.

Sea Jasper uses natural dyes based on natural ingredients such as madder roots and brazilwood, to further its mission statement, and achieve a deep, alive color which can only be achieved through this process of natural dyeing.



by Veronica and Jonnyka


The Onikas is a sustainable textile company that collaborates with global artisans to produce beautiful goods. We believe in preserving cultural heritage by supporting the production of traditional crafts like the art of block printing and weaving. we encourage and embody a lifestyle of slow living in consumption, production, and being. The collective process that goes into the creation of each printed fabric helps employ local artisans and secures their rich cultural heritage. this process is the epitome of the fair trade movement that has slowly begun to change the industry and we are proud to be part of this fashion revolution.




by Karrelle Levy

KREL Tropical Knitwear is a Miami-based sustainable collection founded by fashion designer and textile artist Karelle Levy in 2002. The majority of styles such as rompers and caftans are geared toward warm climates, but Levy also offers sweaters and scarves for greater coverage.


KREL’s philosophy is based on inclusive sizing to fit most body types thanks to its signature,

seamless knit designs known as “TOOBULAR” construction. Each unique piece is loomed from cotton, bamboo, Tencel, Lurex, rayon and polyester blends at her Miami atelier, and some even glow in the dark. The eco-friendly concept produces zero waste, since all scrapsare recycled into bags, blankets and toys.




By Carolina Baena

Jetlagmode is a conscious brand that seeks to rescue the local Latin American techniques, by working directly with artisans to make products that are 100% handmade. We work with recycled and eco-friendly materials to create our unique, but yet, stylish and luxurious accessories. 

Jetlagmode was founded by Colombian designer Carolina Baena, who finds inspiration in her travels, encounters with different cultures and the people she meets along the way.

Baena, an Industrial and Fashion Designer, infuses each design with a balance of creativity and functionality.



Tao Company

By Vanessa Arcila

Vanessa Arcila is a Colombian jewelry designer who started her jewelry career thanks to a book she got at a museum in NYC.

Her mission is to bring the best of her country around the world, helping Colombian artisans to showcase their handmade pieces worldwide.

Colombia is known for having the best emeralds and also known for the pre-colombian art : "We use raw emeralds from Colombia and rescue the pre-colombian art giving this art a modern touch" -Vanessa Arcila.

Thanks to her work and innovation in design, Vanessa was named ambassador of the "COLOMBIAN EMERALD" worldwide.




By Michael Szklaver


MAVRANS is a lifestyle brand, proud of its carefree identity and maverick mind, looking to embrace the unique style and expression of each individual.


Through our hand-drawn prints, we aim to express our generation’s mood with a very clear goal in mind: to bring you the softest and comfiest leisure clothing in the world while at the same time contributing to make the Earth a better place to live in! You can now easily upgrade your wardrobe, without forgetting about the environment’s needs, with our fabrics made with 100% recycled plastics.




By Emily Peters


Her deep interest and bottomless study in music, and in yogic and meditation arts have also been a major influence in her artistic expression. The rhythm, melody and shape of music can be seen in all of her visual works. Many of the geometric shapes in her accessories are a direct translation of

musical pieces. Yoga and meditation have shaped her life and form of mind since young adulthood, and the influence of the rich cultures, languages, and ways of holistically viewing the world can also be clearly seen in her works.




By Ana Dalessio


The message that I want to send with my garments is that it is possible to be fashion forward, and to push your creativity beyond its known limits, all while remaining impact-conscious.

I think that the most effective thing that we can do as designers, artists, and consumers is to utilize what we have already produced to its greatest potential, rather than creating more.




La Roja By Misha

by  Michelle Townson


La Roja by Misha is a Guatemala-based brand designed by Michelle Townson. Our mission is to give new life to plastic, by recycling everyday packaging turning it into our thread that is hand woven by our community of artisans exposed to vulnerable situations such as; single and disabled mothers. Our brand has created a new ecological crafts (Artesania Ecologica) for Central America seeking to protect the contamination of our oceans. Our products are sold in Guatemala, Costa Rica and USA, and are shipped worldwide.


DASH School of Arts


DASH Fashion is part and parcel of Design and Architecture Senior High School (DASH), an integrative art and design school in Miami’s Design District. The philosophy of the school is “Education by Design” with innovative programs developed and taught by industry and design professionals. Students develop professional skills to challenge and stimulate their individual goals. The Fashion program nurtures and teaches students to explore the different avenues in the field from concept to sample. Each student produces a collection in their senior year culminating in a collaborative fashion show.


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