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a guide to sustainable travel

by, luana ouverney of lutom



As a world, we are being forced to stop. Flights and events have been postponed or canceled. We now have time to rethink our lifestyle, relationships, careers, expenses, and habits. This guide will improve your health, make your spending more cost-effective and help you save the planet—even while on the road!  In the author's own words, “Now is the time to rethink our consumption and the fast-paced mentality set by our society. Slowing down doesn’t mean stop. It means living life with purpose and intention. Now more than ever, the power to choose a more sustainable
future is in our hands.”

We are excited to announce that Lutom will be publishing their extensive how-to-guide for sustainable travel with You can help support this initiative and this message by supporting the Lutom  Sustainable Travel Guidebook on kickstarter here


The guide contains great stories of Ouverney’s travels as well as valuable tips of how she maintained her eco-friendly lifestyle while moving each week to a different location with only one suitcase and one fold-able bicycle.
The Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook is the perfect companion for eco-enthusiasts who want to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and maintain it on the road. It also contains tips and recommendations for those who aspire to join the cause to stop plastic pollution.

Luana decided to self-publish the guide so she will have the freedom to print fewer copies, in an eco-friendlier way by using recycled paper and soy-based ink. The beautiful nature-circus illustrated guidebook contains around 40 pages, 10 chapters and an Eco-Savvy Traveler checklist. Also, lists of Eco-conscious documentaries, movies, articles, books, NGOs and, clean-up groups worldwide.

Continue to read to see some excerpts from her Luana's new guide and see her intro video to her book!

Let the distance keep us together.


tips for travel


notes from a globe trotter for a more sustainable life


Thank you for supporting

local designers and a sustainable lifestyle!



Luana Ouverney is a costume and fashion designer with a focus on sustainability. She is an advocate for the environment with an unstoppable spirit. After working 6 years for the renowned entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, Luana decided to start an Eco- Friendly Lifestyle brand, which uses sustainable technology to improve fashion and make it a more conscious industry. Now she’s launching her first guidebook. Find Luana on Instagram @lua_ouverney and at
Check out Luana's brand at

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