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Photo by Nico Hough of Pangea Kali Virga

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photography tutorial with @allseeingmedia

by Karli EVans



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Photography is such a vital and vibrant part of fashion and the Miami On Sight community. Photographers have the ability to capture moments, both candid and posed, and turn these past memories into eternally beautiful, momentous, cinematic occasions. We love the work of Karli Evans, AKA @allseeingmedia, and her immense portfolio cataloguing the city of Miami, its arts and queer community, its events, and of course, its fashion. We are proud to be partnering with Karli for this photography tutorial, where she talks composition, props, depth, and more. Take this moment to get creative and do a photo shoot at home! Share your pics with us inspired by Karli's tips and we will feature them on our @miamionsight Instagram!


Let the distance keep us together.

HOW TO TAKE a great photo

tips and tricks by @allseeingmedia
















































creating depth in photography

A photograph is a two dimensional object recording a three dimensional space. When you help exaggerate the foreground, middle ground, and background you are adding depth to your image. Using props to assist you in adding depth is both easy and fun. Frame your image using objects around you to shoot through and around, creating an organic frame or lens for your subject. Make use of your surroundings, while playing around with focus and props in the foreground.

prop ideas

  • Dried Flowers

  • Plants

  • Buildings

  • Windows

  • Fabric such as tulle or netting

  • Prisms

  • Cars

  • Use your surroundings and be creative!

see some of Karli's work here
















































Karli Evans is a photographer + filmmaker based in Miami, FL. Energized by urban spaces and local sub-culture, Karli uses creative storytelling within natural and artificially constructed environments to document experiences, and explore identity + self-expression. Karli is a double alumna of the University of Miami, where she earned a B.S. in Visual Journalism in 2015, then returned to pursue an M.F.A. in Photography + Cinematography, which she graduated with in 2018. Karli made her directorial debut in 2017 with her first experimental short film "Float", which was selected to screen at Berlin Feminist Film Week 2017 and NYC Independent Film Festival 2018, where it won "Best Experimental Script". Her follow-up film project is a mini-series of fantasy short films called "Queer Mythology" made in collaboration with Miami drag performers and commissioned by Borscht Corporation in 2019. Her first solo photography show "Lucid" was on display at Flowerbox Projects in March 2020.

Instagram @allseeingmedia


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